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Muscles on Porpoise will Donate 10% of Profit From Bodybuilding and Fitness Apparel Sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Welcome to Muscles on Porpoise® – the fitness apparel shop for bodybuilding muscle shirts, tank tops and hoodies.Christian Cavaliere

Purpose: to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself. Whether you are a bodybuilder, swimmer, runner, surfer, practice martial arts or take part in any form of physical activity you are setting a goal for yourself. You are living a healthy lifestyle and building muscle!

We believe that a physically strong body compliments an active mind.

We encourage you to think positively, eat healthy, exercise regularly and inspire others to do the same.

On this website you will find men’s and women’s bodybuilding apparel with the impressive Muscles on Porpoise logo. We offer a cool selection of comfortable, individualized bodybuilding clothing in multiple colors that will certainly impress your friends and other fitness enthusiasts. We offer bodybuilding t-shirts, jerseys and tank tops for both men and women at great prices. Wear our bodybuilding apparel to the gym or out casually.

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