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Muscles on Porpoise® – How it started – One day in early 2011, while brainstorming some ideas back and forth, we asked each other “Why do people keep healthy and stay in shape?” The answer is they choose to — they do it on “Purpose”. Besides the obvious play on words with purpose/porpoise, we took inspiration from the dolphin and the porpoise. These marine mammals live in the sea and are often regarded as intelligent, active and very strong. Also, their ocean habitat is powerful, often lots of fun, and helps promote staying in shape with activities like swimming and surfing. We chose to combine an image of big muscles and a cool Dolphin/Porpoise for our t-shirt design as a combination that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s face it there are many of us that get up each day and add some form of fitness to our daily routine. Whether we run, swim, workout/lift weights or just do some form of basic exercise. We do it because we want to.

“It’s no Accident! You did it on Purpose”.

We believe when the body is physically strong so is the mind. So whether you do one pushup or run a marathon just do something and inspire someone so we can all live a healthier life.

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